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 • Taxonomy (ITIS)

   Kingdom    Animalia
      Phylum    Ciliophora
         Class    Ciliatea
            Subclass    Spirotricha
               Order    Entodiniomorphida
                  Family    Colpodidae
                     Genus    Colpoda

 • Taxonomy (NCBI)
   Superkingdom    Eukaryota
      ---    Alveolata
         ---    Ciliophora
            Class    Colpodea
               Order    Colpodida
                  Family    Colpodidae
                     Genus    Colpoda

 • Length: 60 - 70 mm

 • Description:

    Colpoda is a medium size ciliate, often found in wet soil. The cell body is reniform ("kidney-shaped"). There are numerous food vacuoles inside the cell.

I would like to thank prof. Yuuji Tsukii for helping to identyfy this specimen.

 • Pictures:

Colpoda excysting sequence

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