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Zeiss Photomicroscope III

Zeiss Photomicroscope III

My current 'workhorse' is Zeiss Photomicroscope III, made in West Germany circa 1980. This is a beautiful machine, state-of-the-art in mechanical and optical engineering.

The Zeiss microscope is equipped with 10x wide field compensating eyepieces, Optovar (magnification changer + Bertrand lens), turret phase/darkfield condenser, circular rotating mechanical stage, and a 100w/12v halogen illuminator. I added simple polarizer and analyzer filters and retardation plate, so the microscope is capable of polarized light technique.

Currently, I own a very nice set of objectives, including Zeiss 10x/N.A. 0.32 Apo, Zeiss 25x/N.A. 0.60 Neofluar, Zeiss 40x/N.A. 0.75 Phase Neofluar, Zeiss 100x/N.A. 1.32 Phase Neofluar, Olympus 10x/N.A. 0.40 Planapo and Olympus 20x/N.A. 0.70 Planapo.

The microscope has an automatic 35mm camera system built-in. Additionaly, it has a 20%/80% splitting prism and upper port that allows connecting other imaging devices, e.g. digital cameras. Overall, it is an excellent microscope, very easy to use.

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